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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
9:24 am
Amidst the chirp of crickets
....Here's my beginning of a character concept!

Finn Keighley is a 17-year-old student at the Horace A. Kleirmann School for Boys. He should be graduating with the last class, although he has some outstanding assignments he's blown off that endanger that. And that is probably the least of his problems.

The ugly detailsCollapse )
So Finn probably needs something more. Maybe a path to redemption--I don't want to go too cliche, but something like a teacher who won't give up on him, or his father coming to his senses. I see his life as being symbolically balanced between two institutions: the school and the jail. And since the school is closing, that's probably bad news for him. I'm also happy to basically make him a villain or conflict generator. I'm not so sure how capable he is of redemption, but if there is an avenue of escape for him, it's coming to some understanding of what it means to be an adult. I'm open to any and all ideas. If the character is too unlikable or he skews the story in too ugly of a direction, I'm opening to changing anything written above.
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
8:05 pm
My character concept
Here's my idea:

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What do you think, sirs?

And, no, you CAN'T take the sky from me. </insidejoke>
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
12:36 pm
Actual project site

Please sign up for this one. On this community I'm only going to allow members to post.

Here's the format I'd like to see:

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Let me ponder what I want to do. . . .
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
7:17 pm
Ok, so I thought I'd just be a little, well, little there.

Anyway, I told ng_nighthawk that I had an introductory paragraph (or two) floating around in my head and that I would post them just so they would stop bothering me. (I didn't really say all that...bah, nevermind)

Here they are. I present them more in the spirit of brainstorming than of improv.

It was hot. Only eleven in the morning on May 27th and it was already in the high 90’s. It was sure to be a record-breaker, and not by a little. Done with setting up chairs, Ms. Joann Drumund looked out from the entryway of the dilapidated gymnasium in which the last graduating class of the Horace A. Kleirmann Museum and School for Boys would gather that evening to be sent off to… well, they would be sent off anyway.

The Central Texas sky was bleached yellow from the sun and dust that was already starting its migration from field and road to the podium and folding table and the small stack of diplomas that made the table look more empty than if they hadn’t been there at all. The tractor that was noisily hacking down the weeds across the street certainly wasn’t helping. She hated dust.

“What a perfect way to end this.” she thought, bitterly. "Wilting under record Texas heat."

It had not always been this way.

OK, that's it.
Whew, that wasn't so painful!
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
2:13 pm
Onward, then
OK, so without nailing anyone down too far, I think we've got a few elements:

There is a building. It is/was a school or some kind. It's being closed. There is a struggle over what the building should be used for. There was a promise made regarding the building which may be or has been broken. The plot is the development of the decision regarding the fate of the building and the people for whom the building is the source of the hope for their projects.

So where is this happening? Anytown, USA? And what parts are people interested in playing.

Here are my thoughts:

The place should be a small town or close-knit neighborhood. A faceless, anonymous city is probably not as useful. Alternately, perhaps a close-knit community is involved that is not geographic--a church, an ethnic group, something like that?

In terms of people, there could be:
--the owner of the Nazi memorabelia or his/her family
--the head or teachers of the school
--the manager of the building
--a student at the school

Or we could still bring in a new element if it seems really useful.

I'll have to think about what I want. . . um, drdeleto, care to participate?
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
4:22 pm
Story details
OK, folks, let's start to do this. Here's what I came up with to start:

# The story starts with a institution closing its doors forever.
# The middle of the story is when a promise made years ago is broken.
# The end of the story is a bittersweet reunion.

I left it vague so it would fit many ideas, but specific enough to give us a beachhead into our creativity.

So we need to decide on:
--possible interactions/scenes

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OK, those are some ideas. Does that trigger anything for anyone? Any unrelated ideas, characters, or places that have been really intriguing you recently? Feel free to steal things from other books, plays, or movies. By the time all of us get our ideas mashed together, it probably won't feel derivative.

As one of my professors said: "If you copy one writer, that's plagarism. If you copy three writers, that's creativity."
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
4:04 pm
Interactive Fiction
Some of you may remember Interactive Literature, or Int-Lit. Think of the story "The Nazi Truck," for those of you in the know. This is like that. Many folks may know interactive fiction from what was apparantly it's hay-day when being online meant browsing bbs. I came across the format and wanted to try it out.

LJ seemed like a useful tool, but how to make it work? That took some thinking--thinking that drdeleto helped me with.

I don't know that this system is ideal, but mostly I just wanted to see if this could even work. My goal is to try a very small version of this effort and see what happens. If it works well, maybe folks will be interested in trying something larger at some future date. And if we do, maybe we'll change how this is structured. This is an experiment. The goal is to determine if interactive fiction is interesting and whether LJ is a good format to do it in and, least importantly, whether what is produced is readable and interesting.

What is interactive fiction?Collapse )

I've made membership of this group subject to approval by me. I want to include as many folks as possible, but to keep this initial run down to a manageable level, I'm only accepting the first 5 people who apply to join. Later sessions will be open to larger groups as we become certain the concept works and the project is actually fun. If you're interested in lurking, I've made that possible--just watch this group to see what happens, or look for the final product community to read the story as it develops.

Join the community if you'd like to try this out. I'd like to get ideas on the story itself from the folks who join, but I think we need a jumping off point. Here's my jumping off point.

  • The story starts with a institution closing its doors forever.

  • The middle of the story is when a promise made years ago is broken.

  • The end of the story is a bittersweet reunion.

We'll create the details--characters, setting, additional guidelines (if necessary), and tone--together. As you join in, please post some of your ideas about what might be interesting to write about. Anything would be interesting--from an idea about a specific scene, to a character you'd like to write about, to a setting you've found interesting.
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